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Facts About Austria and Austria Pictures

Austria, a country in the middle of Europe


Austria is a small country but small can be very beautiful! The republic of Austria counts nearly 8 million inhabitants and its capital is Vienna. The main benefits of spending time in Austria or just spending holiday are in summer towns, mountains, landscape and the lakes. In winter it is towns, mountains, landscape and the lakes. You see it doesn´t matter when you are in Austria there is always something to enjoy like swimming, hiking, climbing or you spend your time with sight seeing because Austria has many old buildings and by the way a great Austria history.


In cold season you can enjoy skiing in Austria (the country is very famous for this), ice skating or bathing in thermal water in the south of Austria – only to name some possibilities. Good food is also in Austria at home. Try some famous meal like “Wiener Schnitzel” or “Kartoffel Salat”. Don´t forget the worldwide well known wine. If you like to try wine take a short trip to the surrounding of Vienna and eat and drink in a “Heuriger” your “Gruenen Veltliner”. If you like to gamble, the casino in Baden is one of the oldest and most beautiful in Europe (lies half hour in the south of Vienna). There are many ways also to enjoy the nightlife – it is only up to you what you are heading for. Visit Austria is worth at any time!


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