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Austria facts – a natural heritage

Austria tourism, a country of natural heritage, is situated in the heart of Europe. Tourist attractions in Austria are so charismatic and fantastic in terms of scenic beauty that sometimes it looks like it has been created keeping vacations in mind. It is comprised of royal mountains, streams, rivers and relaxing lakes, dark forests and nearby small charming villages which enhances its spectacular scenery and a place where everyone would dream of coming. This natural beauty and traditional heritage shows the artistic magnificence of their old empire, popularly known as old Austro Hungarian Empire.

Austria tourist attractions are one of the renowned place for holidaying in this whole world and the best part is that you can visit this land of nature, all year round but to view the most of its splendor, Christmas and ester periods are the best choice. You can enjoy Austria tourism by viewing the delightful cities of Vienna, Melk, Salzburg, Innsbruck and Bratislava and love drinking and eating various chocolate cakes popularly known as schnitzels, strudels and sachertorte and many other delicious recipes. You can dance whole night in Prague as well.

Austria Tourism is also well-liked because the natives of Austria are very friendly and humble and warmhearted with great humor. They love traveler’s visit their country and make them feel like home. They love children very much and to them children are the most important persons. Language is really not a big issue for those who are planning to visit that place apart from few township where the inhabitants cannot understand English.

Austria tourism attracts all age groups. There are a lot of places where you can spend a fortnight and enjoy many sports like river rafting, sailing, mountaineering, glacier skiing, mountain biking or whatever you want. In Austria you can find kinder hotels which are specially designed in such a theme that children’s love to spend their whole day out there.

If it comes to rich cultural heritage, Vienna is the city which comes immediately in the mind. It has some beautiful cities like Klimt, Strauss, Schiele and Mozart are famous for their scenic view. This is the only city which has its own wine-growing industry and it’s open for everyone to view. Its also a place where you can get world’s some of the most fashionable restaurants and bars. Vienna is also not famous shopping place like London, Paris; however central shopping district is the place where you can find some beautiful items to shop. After enough of shopping, if you think you are too much tired, then you can go to a place called sky bar and rest your feet.

With full of tradition and natures beauty, Austria tourism is a place where you can watch are combination of nature, culture modernization at the same pace where tradition brings calmness to the eyes and heart along with modern culture.

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