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In Austria there are tiny wooden houses among the hills, peaks and forests. These houses are majestic castles. Austria is full of spectacular scenery. There is a description of atmosphere of roman fairy and it consists one of the oldest civilization and culture of Europe. Capital of Europe is Vienna and it means Brahms, Beethoven, Schubert, Waltzes and last but not the least Mozart, these consist of hundred of years of atmosphere of Viennese. If you want to stay for a long time in this country then you can choose Austria hotels. There is a real open museum and there is a place of overwhelming brilliance which is a city of squares and garden. Tourists can find parks which are full of greenery, the world’s first zoo. It also consists of monuments and galleries which are registered with UNESCO heritage and architectural jewels. For holidays Austria is one of the favorite places of tourists in Europe. It has become the best host for tourists who are coming here.

Where is vienna:

Vienna, the capital of the country Austria, is a city which is filled of history and you can also find Austria hotels to stay for journey. Vienna is one of the best destinations for culture and art lovers. It fed spiritual countless musician, poets and artists. There is a number of unfold musical festivals which begins in the first week of every year. For the old monarchy of the Habsburg, boulevards of Vienna open a window.

Vienna Tourism:

A tourist can see Vienna state opera, museum of art, building of Otto Wagner Post Office, and museum of applied art, museum of nature history, Imperial Palace, Parliament, the university, the Exchange Building and the Burg Theater.

Karlsplatz is a place where tourists are surrounded by birds, colorful flowers and trees. It delights the senses. A true architectural gem is St, Stephen Church which shows Viennese spirituality. The first place from where you can start your journey is the Schonbrunn Palace, which is built as the replica of Versailles palace and then turn towards the most beautiful Palace of Baroque in the Europe which is under UNESCO heritage. In Schonbrunn, the first zoo of the world is hosted and also many of the art galleries. The charm of the country is not only related to the things of the past.

As if you don’t want to go for a concert of Opera then you can choose to go for a punk concert or you can opt for going to take stroll in wonderful city park. In Vienna baroque building and Gothic Churches are not the only places which are famous even there are Viennese coffee houses which are also famous for the distinction and definitely because of the delicious chocolate cakes, Mozart candies and last but not the least apple straddle. These coffee shops also have a long history behind them. You can opt luxury Austria hotels and budgeted Austria hotels, which is most suitable to you and your pocket.

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