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Austria Salzburg is considered to be the oldest and richest place in terms of culture. The city Salzburg is the only city which has been ruled as independent state. This was ruled by prince-archbishop. When you are deeply seeing their history, then you may get know about their interest towards music. This is clearly evident by ongoing Salzburg music festival every year. This festival is happening in the month of July every year.
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The Salzburg city is called as birth place of Mozart. Salzburg is the place which is situated precisely between monchsberg and Salzburg River which is called Salzach. Salzburg is one of the best tourist places when it comes to Austria. The tourists are almost coming up in large numbers especially during November-December. This is due to eve of Christmas celebrations.

The city Salzburg is also well-known for its museums. Here you have cathedral museums, museum of national history and do not forget the Salzburg castle. This museum can be the ideal place for your children in order to spend meaningful time over there.

Moreover, Salzburg is seems to be giving preference for festivals. This can be easily judged because of having very large festival halls. This festival hall can precisely occupy the capacity of 2177 people. Don’t miss to explore the Salzburg music festival enjoyment when you are planning to touring out this Austria Salzburg.

Apart from these beautiful places, you have the most special marble gardens and Hohensalzburg fortress must to watch. Moreover, the Hellbrunn palace, st. Sebastian church, Peter cemetery, colligate church are some of the most exploring place for every tourist. Austria Salzburg is seems also to be the best tourist spot in terms of shopping. Yes, you can purchase any sort of items in a quite reasonable price. The shopping time is starts at early 9 a.m and ending up quickly at 6p.m.

I hope, the shopping lovers can undergo some memorable experiences for sure. Salzburg is providing small shops to even very big shops. So it is ideal for every class of people to do shopping very much similar to their own country.

One thing you have to bear in your mind is, you have to book tickets in advance for your food and accommodations. The reason is, there is some demands for hotel rooms are seem to be happen every time for the tourists. Especially it is happening by the season of Christmas. So you have to extra cautious before you making entry into such beautiful Austria Salzburg for sure. You should utilize the internet technology in order to book tickets online. So be wise and do the correct step at correct point of time.

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