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Austrian culture: major source of attraction

Austria is one of the most traditional and cultural country in Europe. Austria attraction is mainly the culture which makes it special compared to all other counties in Europe. Austrian culture is influenced largely by its neighboring nations like Poland, Italy, Hungary, Bohemia and Germany.

One of the major reasons for Austria attractions is due to its music. It’s an important place for musical innovation and Vienna is the city which was the main source. Music creators of the 18th as well as 19th century were highly inclined towards this city and make it a capital of classical music in Europe. Beethoven, Amadeus Mozart and Johann Strauss Jr. are the few names who make that era popularly known as classical music era subjugated by European traditional music. They mainly focus on a special instrument called the lute.

Next, austria attractions is Vienna state opera. It is one of the most popular and significant opera amongst whole world which in general means a theatre. It gives employment to around 1000 people hence, provides a bigger source of income to common people. It also produces an event called Vienna Opera Ball which took place on Ash Wednesday. This Opera Ball was performed for the first time in the year 1936 with around 12000 visitors came to view it.

Third most Austria attraction is its architecture. This land of diversity is famous for its grand palaces, castles and cemeteries. Few of the world famous Austrian castles are Festung Hohensalzburg, Burg Hohenwerfen, Castle Liechtenstein, and the Schloß Artstetten.

Now about the food which is again an Austria attraction. Austrian foods are greatly influenced by Hungary, Czech, Germany and northern Italy. Austrians love to serve coffee at a meeting place. Lunch used to be very light like a snack. An evening meal includes smoked fish, cold meats, cheese, wine or beer.

The commercial activity in Austria is greatly industrialized. However expert’s craftsmen love to work in other type of industries as well like jewelry, leather goods, pottery making, brown glass and woodcarvings. Agricultural products which are produced by the farmers are corn, wine, wheat, dairy products and meat. Manufacturing is again one of the powerful sectors of this economy which includes about 40% of the countries Gross Domestic Product (called GDP) as well as one-third of the man force. Construction of heavy vehicles and machinery, locomotives, electronic goods are very common. Other manufacturing goods are like wood, chemicals, petroleum beverages, products made by tobacco as well as paper and last but not the least, processed foods. Austria is also known to be one of the most peaceful nations amongst European countries. It has a very low crime rate as well. Police and law are well respected amongst common people.

Austria Attractions

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